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Chris Jericho is back!

Jericho returns to SmackDown after a year!
Jericho returns to SmackDown after a year!

Welcome to Raw…Is….okay, okay, that may not be proper grammar (this isn't English class) but give me a break here. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla has made a surprise return to the WWE. Chris Jericho is back!The best thing about 2013 Royal Rumble was Jericho’s response to the ‘you still got it’ chant with a big “I never lost it, baby!”

Rumors were all over the net that a former WWE champion and someone that has crossed over the genres was making a return and we were first given, The Miz. I don’t even remember when the Miz left. I think he was on Main Event against 3MB or something worthless (like 3MB…don’t like them now that they are released when you should have supported them when they were jobbing away).

Miz is talking and out of nowhere the fireworks hit and then “BREAK THE WALLS DOOOOOWN” and one of the best theme songs blast. Out of the darkness comes the lighted jacket and our hero comes back! The Miz is upset that Y2J has interrupted as he is gets into his promo, “I’m a former WWE Champion, I’m the ‘Marine’, I’m a movie star” and then gets a Code Breaker! Jericho then grabs the mic and starts the ‘Welcome to Raw Is’ then the lights go out (happy accident, that’s also the name of a new Fozzy song) as the Wyatt Family Video jumps on the screen and the best group in the world surrounds the former 6 time world champion.

This is probably the best moment of 2014 for the WWE (or my favorite, I am biased sometimes) with one of the biggest up and coming stars against one of the biggest stars of all time. Reports online have Bray Wyatt versus Chris Jericho slated for SummerSlam in what could end up being a Match Of the Year Nominee! On SmackDown, Jericho replied on the mic to the attack and that was interupted by Bray Wyatt making a really great promo on the titan-tron.

I am looking forward to every Raw and SmackDown from here until Jericho’s rumored departure after September (I wish he’d come to D.C so I can scratch him off my list). If you have a big void of Jericho, you must check out his podcast on I can not say enough of how entertaining that gentleman from Winnipeg is. After you listen to it, you will never, ever, be the same, again! (sorry, had to)