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Chris Hemmen, personal trainer at Prairie Life Fitness, has a new wellness blog

Deciding to incorporate fitness into everyday life can be challenging at first. When not in the habit, it's hard to think about spending an hour a day sweating as a normal part of life; but once you get into it it definately gets much easier.

A great way to provide motivation is to sign up for daily or weekly emails from health websites, and check out blogs like Chris Hemmen's page on He is a personal trainer at Prairie Life Fitness in Overland Park and also works at Core Strategies Physical Therapy. He set up the blog to provide weekly health and fitness tips because he likes to inspire anyone to adopt fitness into their lives.

Chris enjoys working in physical therapy as he experienced the pain and fitness changes due to a shoulder injury as an athelte in high school. He discovered triathlons to be his favorite lifestyle sport, so has a lot of knowledge in endurance training, and also teaches an hour-long interval "Sport Circuit" class at Prairie Life in addition to personal training.

In his most recent blog he talks about the time commitment to exercising, and how even he as involved in the fitness world as he is, still finds challenges in making time to workout. He notes, "it is often best to get in some type of workout, usually short and intense, instead of just skipping your fitness for the entire day." He also reminds readers that making fitness a part of life isn't merely for the physical shape, but fore the mental shape as well. "If you are unhealthy, then you are unable to handle life's hassles properly. KEEP TRAINING!"

You can follow his blog through Google Friend Connect and Twitter. When you find yourself alone in your challenges of sticking with health and fitness goals, it's always helpful to read other's experiences and cash in on as many tips as you can. There is power in seeing everyone else's struggles; no one finds it easy or even possible to get up every morning and eat perfect meals and get in a great workout; not even personal trainers. Chris also recommends "when needed, be flexible and make minor adjustments" because moods and responsibilities vary from day to day. But overall, keep training and keep your eyes on the prize of health.


  • Drew Denny - Kansas City Canoeing Examiner 5 years ago

    My daughter will really like this. Thank you.

  • Personal Trainer Los Angeles 4 years ago

    That's awesome. Thanks for posting this information. I would love to see updates on health and diet because I am a fitness trainer and I would love to share articles with my friends and students. Nice post.

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