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Chris Harrison promises to reveal all: Is Andi Dorfman pregnant?

Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rumors have been flying that Andi Dorfman is pregnant. Tonight on a new episode of "Men Tell All" on "The Bachelorette" Chris Harrison promised to share if Andi is really pregnant or not. They are doing a live ultrasound with Ashley and JP so he even teased Andi that the ultrasound machine is there. On Monday, E! Online shared what Andi has to say about the rumors.

Andi said that the rumors that she is pregnant are far from the truth. She is not pregnant at all and is kind of shocked that this news is even out there for the world to see. Andi Dorfman is not pregnant at all regardless of what you are hearing about her. There is no baby on the way.

She went on to say that it does motivate her to go to the gym. Andi Dorfman doesn't want to look like she is pregnant at all and she is going to make sure that she doesn't look that way. Even if you see a little bump there is no baby on the way and she will at the gym working it off. Andi looks amazing though hard to see anything there unless you are just imagining things.

Hollywood Life shared that tonight on the show Andi will be wearing a tight dress with a low neckline. She doesn't look pregnant at all in this dress and just simply looks amazing. There is no reason to think that she has a baby on the way at all. It is honestly pretty shocking that this rumor even came out.

Don't miss "The Bachelorette" finale next Monday night on ABC. This is when Andi Dorfman will reveal her pick and hopefully get engaged. "The Men Tell All" special is airing tonight on ABC and they will discuss the pregnancy rumors that are not true.

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