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Chris Daughtry ‘ashamed’ in apology video for arrogant 'Fox and Friends' refusal

Wow, it looked like Chris Daughtry, the season five finalist of "American Idol" forgot where he came from on "Fox and Friends" on Friday May 6. His band played as part of the All-American Summer Concert series and when asked to do a patriotic song, he refused saying "I'm off the clock. I'm going to watch 'y'all."

Chris Daughtry makes apology video after acting arrogant and saying no when asked to sing a patriotic song for "D-Day."
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Within minutes Twitter lit up with people finding Daughtry a bit on the arrogant side. While the "Fox and Friends" hosts were walking around asking fans what patriotic song Daughtry should sing, he jumped off the stage saying "This is where I bail," as reported on June 7, by The Hollywood Reporter.

The "Fox and Friends" folks were celebrating the anniversary of "D-Day" and thought a patriotic song would fit in nicely, although they didn't realize it would be such a hardship for Daughtry.

His actions caused an uproar across the social networks with many saying this guy got his start from Americans watching him and voting for him. He was humble back in those days. Now that he's become a star, he can snub folks just like that? This was pretty much of the consensus among the comments. People were disappointed in Daughtry, suggests The Daily Caller.

One comment in particular hit home apparently for Daughtry when someone wrote to remind the singer that a U.S. soldier can't say he's "off the clock" and just walk away. Daughtry's snub-like refusal to sing added insult to injury because it was the people of America that put him where he is today.

It seems he also forgot how the country he lives in is free thanks to the soldiers past and present, but folks took to the social networks to remind him. Daughtry felt "ashamed" after all this went down and posted a video online with his heart-felt apology.

The crooner said he was "embarrassed" and "ashamed" of what he had done and how he acted. He admitted to being "thrown off" by the request" and "unprepared" to handle it. He also conveyed that he was unprepared to handle the request and relayed that, "I panicked."

Trying to inject some humor into his refusal, obviously misfired. He continued with:

"It was absolutely disrespectful," he said. "Poor choice of words, terrible judgment on my part. ... I wish that I could have pulled it together."

Daughtery also answered that comment about soldiers not being to walk away saying:

"What I do is miniscule in comparison, and I will never live up to what they did for our country. Fortunately, our troops have never said I am off the clock when they had to do what they had to do."

The worst part of all, he added, was how he neglected the troops refusing the request. He said that these are the troops "who have sacrificed everything for our country."

Daughtry passed along his thoughts how everyone has a moment in their lives that they regret very deeply. Friday on "Fox and Friends" was one of those moments for him. He apologized for "offending any of our troops, any of the men and women who have served past and present."

He posted his message on Twitter directing his fans to his recorded YouTube message, which is seen above. It was good to see he took some time to apologize.

It is disappointing how this once humble guy, who was so thankful for Americans making him an idol, could appear to turn very self-important and not have time for a song request for the troops. He remedied this with the apology that really seemed to come from his heart.

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