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Chris Daughtry's apology: 'Terrible judgment' in D-Day incident

Chris Daughtry has apologized for the 'Fox and Friends' D-Day incident
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Chris Daughtry apologized for an incident that stirred up a lot of criticism and controversy recently. Though some celebrities would try to gloss over or make excuses for the incident, the “American Idol” alum's fans are proud that he stepped up and issued what was clearly a heartfelt apology that took full responsibility for the situation that generated so much buzz. Daughtry's apology was posted to his Facebook page on Saturday.

The issue was that Chris and his band had appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday, performing as part of the summer concert series. At the end of the show, the hosts asked Chris to join them in singing a patriotic song in honor of D-Day. Chris was caught off-guard and quipped that he was “off the clock” and he would watch them sing instead. He then left the stage a moment later and said, “This is where I'll bail.” The video is quite awkward and it's obvious Daughtry was caught completely off-guard by the request.

Of course Chris Daughtry's comments led to a firestorm on social media. It didn't take long for Daughtry to personally step up and post his apology video to try to explain just what happened. He says that what he said was “absolutely disrespectful” and that his attempt to inject some humor when he was caught off-guard led to a “Poor choice of words, terrible judgment on my part.”

The singer went on to say that “Everyone has a moment in their life that they regret very deeply, and this is at the top of my list.” He says he supports the troops and he clearly didn't intend to disrespect those who fight for this country. His fans have embraced his apology, for the most part, and many believe he handled the incident as well as he could.

While there is plenty of criticism on social media regarding the incident, many of Daughtry's fans didn't see any intentional insult toward our veterans intended at any point. What did you think of the Chris Daughtry “Fox & Friends” incident and the subsequent apology? Should he have handled anything in the aftermath differently?

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