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Chris D'Elia stars as a ladies' man in the new NBC series 'Undateable'

Chris D'Eli and Bianca Kajlich play brother and sister in "Undateable."
Chris D'Eli and Bianca Kajlich play brother and sister in "Undateable."
NBC/Justin Lubin, with permission

NBC launches a new comedy tonight when "Undateable," from executive producers Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztykiel, explores the dating disasters of a group of friends in search of serious relationships -- or any relationship for that matter.

Chris D'Elia, who previously starred in NBC's short-lived "Whitney," stars as Danny Burton, a ladies' man, who is confident, attractive and has no trouble getting women; he is just really bad at keeping them, which is what makes him "Undateable."

In the pilot, Danny decides to help out his new roommate Justin, played by Brent Morin, and his group of misfit friends, providing them with better moves to attract the opposite sex.

"It's a pretty relatable story," D'Elia told about his new series. "I'm still trying to figure myself out, especially in the dating world. It's relatable, but it's funny. It's not joke-y funny. The characters find themselves in funny situations and they're funny guys. I think that people like that because it is down to earth and real."

Is Danny going to teach the other guys how to hook up?

He is going to teach the other guys how to get girls. We find out in the pilot that he needs them, too, because they wear their heart more on their sleeve, and they are not so jaded about love. They are optimistic. It's like the blind leading the blind.

Does Danny want love, or does he like being with a lot of women?

Deep down, he does want love, but he likes the hunt and the chase and all of that, too.

This is multi-camera instead of single camera. Why does that work for this show?

A lot of us are standup comedians on the show and we like that live environment, so we feed off of it. We play around with the audience sometimes. We will do different takes, different lines, so it works because we are all used to that. The vibe that is onset when the audience is here translates to the screen. I think you can only get that with multi-camera.

With so many standup comedians, do you do a lot of riffing?

We do it the way they want it. The writers are so great. I totally trust their instincts and their jokes are so funny. So, we'll do it their way and then Bill Lawrence will be, "We've got it. Do whatever you want." Brent [Morin] and I have a lot of scenes together and sometimes we will change stuff if we have an idea.

Have the writers sat you down and asked you any of your dating horror stories?

No. What they did is they came to a lot of my shows to see my style of comedy and they are really good at writing for that. I think they have enough dating horror stories of their own to keep us riding for a while.

Danny has a sister. Shouldn't that affect how he treats women?

Yeah. There's even a line where he says, "That's not a girl. That's my sister." He treats his sister with different respect than other women.

"Undateable" premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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