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Chris Christie's traffic jam and aide aren't the story, the media is

Chris Christie speaks to the media about his aide's involvement in the GWB traffic jam
Chris Christie speaks to the media about his aide's involvement in the GWB traffic jam
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If you watch or read most of the mainstream media sources, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s career as an elected official is over. Pundits know his presidential campaign hasn’t even gotten off the ground, but they are saying it never will. He lied, closing the bridge was retribution, and he is not worthy of being president, if you listen to the know-it-alls.

Consider, for just a moment, that another person, a person who actually was president at the time, shut down auto dealerships owned by Republicans in the course of forcing American car companies through bankruptcy. Nate Silver tried to explain this away by saying that more auto dealerships are owned by Republicans, when his own story does not seem to be able to distinguish between “auto dealerships” and “car dealers.”

Also imagine that this same individual decides to close open air memorials and parks throughout the nation’s capital and the entire country, impacting common citizens, WWII veterans and school children alike. Organizing for Action knew exactly whose fault this was, and it wasn’t the president’s. The tea party Republicans were to blame, even though those individuals have no control over closing these areas. This was retribution on the American people, the people who support repealing this president’s namesake legislation.

In addition, think about the conservative organizations that were targeted by the IRS. We now know that instructions for this targeting came from the White House, yet there was never any talk of this ending the president’s career. Using the nation’s most powerful non-military organization to threaten people and hold organizations hostage was never something that mainstream media groups said would end the president’s term or chances at having a successful second four years.

One cannot forget the video, the infamous video that caused four Americans to die. Regardless of how many times experts and those who were on the ground explain that a video had nothing to do with it, the regime and its lapdog media continue to regurgitate the same old farce. “What difference does it make?” Hillary’s question not only applies to Benghazi, but also to the media for whom it does make a difference whether you identify with their world view.

Then there is the lie of 2013: “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” While many may consider knowingly lying to the American people an impeachable offense, or at least an act that would cause a president to lose all sway in Washington, the nation and the globe, some in the media actually try to explain this by appealing to our emotions.

Of course, all of these situations reference the current president, Barack Obama.

The hypocrisy in the media and among pundits is not shocking, though, because we have become used to seeing television networks like CNN and MSNBC blatantly fail to report on stories or only bring on Democratic, progressive guests. However, for an industry that claims to be unbiased, they would be wise to spend more time digging up the truth and less time telling the American people what to think, feel and believe.

Perhaps Gov. Christie knew about his aide’s actions, but it is more likely that a busy governor would not be informed about every email sent by his staff. What is more telling is the response the aide received when the instructions came to cause some trouble in Fort Lee. The response was, “got it,” as if the person knew exactly what Christie’s staffer was referencing. This points to a culture of bullying and intimidation among the Christie staff. Just as Obama has separated himself from him staff, condoning their actions through his plausible deniability, Christie may be doing the same. Keeping oneself in a state of deniability does not a strong leader make.

If the possibility of lying ended one’s political career, President Obama would be out of office right now, and never would have been re-elected in 2008.

What Gov. Christie’s situation demonstrates is undeniable proof that when a Republican, even a moderate one, perhaps commits a mistake, the media swarms to destroy him. On the other hand, when a progressive makes one error after another, the media’s swarming is to determine their defensive talking points and make sure the person survives to lie another day. Polls show that Christie could beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head for president, and what better time to undermine that Republican candidate than when he is the head of the Republican Governors Association with access to bundlers, fundraisers and influencers nationwide.

Christie’s actions are not the biggest story here, although they warrant discussion. The point the talking heads are missing is how this story provides final proof that the mainstream media does not treat Republicans -- not just conservatives, but all Republicans -- with the same level of teflon-like adoration as they do their progressive counterparts.

The best victory for conservatives and Republicans alike would be for Christie to survive this situation, regardless of what you think of his politics. The progressives in the media must be made an example of, and what a better way to do it than to defeat their efforts.

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