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Chris Christie's lawyers to be subpoenaed in bridge scandal

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks at a convention in Las Vegas.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The New Jersey legislative committee who is investigating a scheme to get back at a New Jersey mayor will issue subpoenas for documents and interviews from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lawyers.

According to the Associated Press on March 31, state Assemblyman John Winsnieswski (D) said that Governor Christie's lawyers retained in the administration to conduct the internal investigation into the George Washington Bridge scandal, has access to information that the legislative committee has yet to see.

Wisnieswski told the AP that additional subpoenas will be discussed when the committee can be convened.

Randy Mastro, a New York lawyer hired by the Christie administration to investigate the scandal, told the AP that his team interviewed 70 people close to the governor and read through 250,000 pages in documents, and concluded that Christie had no knowledge of the plot to close the George Washington Bridge to get back at the mayor of Fort Lee, a town on the New Jersey end of the bridge.

Wisnieswski said that key questions in the state's investigation have still not been answered by the Christie administration. The main question that state committee is still seeking an answer to is why a Christie staff member would order the bridge to be closed to traffic.

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