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Chris Christie Needs to Win the Super Bowl

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

One of the most interesting bets in Las Vegas this weekend is how many times will the George Washington Bridge scandal be mentioned during the broadcast?

Fans do crazy things at the Super Bowl, so don’t be surprised if you see someone dressed as the George Washington Bridge, someone else dressed up as a traffic jam, and a number of people dressed up as Chris Christie.

When I went to Super Bowl XXVII in Atlanta in 1994, we were in Underground Atlanta, a mall of stores and specialty shops, when we saw a naked man walking through the mall wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a sandwich board sign for a local establishment.

If that happens in Atlanta, what do you think might happen at Giants Stadium, right across the Hudson River from New York City?

It is only 10.2 miles from the GW Bridge ramps in Fort Lee, New Jersey to the stadium in East Rutherford.

It’s only 7.4 miles from Hoboken, New Jersey, where the mayor has accused Governor Christie of illegally holding up federal funds after Hurricane Sandy.

A lot of the fans going to the Super Bowl will cross the George Washington Bridge, and those who take the Lincoln Tunnel will be greeted by signs for the exit to Hoboken.

So there will be plenty of reminders of Chris Christie’s political fiasco.

For those of us who grew up near the George Washington Bridge there is really only one question. What made them think they could get away with it? The people of New Jersey are a tolerant bunch of people. They can tolerate just about anything, But don’t mess with their rush hour ride.

Tune in to the Super Bowl broadcast and keep your eyes and ears open. Some people at the game are going to have a field day mocking Chris Christie’s scandals. If we’re lucky, the networks will share some of that with those of us who won’t be there on the ground to see it with our own eyes.

We don’t know how many billboards about the scandals the fans will see on their way to the game. We don’t know how many characters will be walking through the parking lots at the stadium dressed as Chris Christie.

But it’s a good bet that Chris Christie won’t use the Super Bowl as his bully pulpit.

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