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Chris Christie lost 85 pounds

Chris Christie before losing 85 pounds

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has reportedly lost up to 85 pounds, according to a Politico report on Monday. The Republican governor has lost the weight since he had lap-band surgery performed last year. Those in the know suggest that with his weight loss, he appears to weigh about 230 pounds at this time.

The assumed new weight of the high-profile politician was determined after a constituent commented about Christie’s obvious change in physique at a town hall meeting last week. At that time, two experts were asked by POLITICO to compare pictures of Christie in 2011 to pictures of him in his current stance. Those experts made the determination regarding Christie’s weight loss and his current weight, according to a WN report.

Expert Dr. Jessica Barfield, who is a doctor of internal medicine specializing in nutrition and weight management at Loyal Medicine’s Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care in Melrose Park, Illinois believes the governor is making great progress for what she would expect at this point of Christie’s process. Another expert, Dr. David L. Katz who is a director at the Prevention Research Center at Yale University’s School of Medicine, estimates that Christie had a body mass index (BMI) of approximately 45 which would put his former weight at about 322 pounds, based on the photographs of Christie in 2011.

By Dr. Katz’ estimation, after comparing Christie’s then and now photos, the governor appears to have dropped to a BMI of 33. With a BMI of 33, Christie’s current weight would be about 236 pounds. Katz says that he determined the BMI in lots of patients and one gets an impression for it. He says that it’s the same way that any person can look at someone and probably estimate their height.

Drs. Katz and Barfield both believe that Christie’s weight loss is right on track for the surgical procedure he had about a year ago. Both also say that Christie will probably continue to lose weight over a period of time. Christie, himself, has not commented on his weight loss or his current weight to the media. All he said when someone mentioned he looked thinner recently is that he is much smaller than he used to be.

Christie is considered a potential Republican presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. His weight struggle made news a year ago last February after Connie Mariano, the former White House physician, said in a CNN interview that she was worried about this man dying in office. She said that Christie’s concern with being overweight was almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addressed those issues before running for office. Yet, in October of last year, Christie’s cardiologist Dr. Rachana Kulkami stated that Christie had nod no medical limitations and was fit to serve in his role as New Jersey’s governor.

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