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Chris Christie jokingly asks man if wants to 'get married' at town hall meeting

Chris Christie jokingly asked a man if he wanted to get married after the man offered to drink beer with him and do his laundry.
Chris Christie jokingly asked a man if he wanted to get married after the man offered to drink beer with him and do his laundry.Getty Images

After a man at a New Jersey town hall meeting offered to do his laundry, Governor Chris Christie (R,Nj) asked the man if he would like to "get married." Christie's comment, which was intended as a joke, was made after answering the man's questions about the George Washington Bridge scandal, according to ABC News on March 20.

The George Washington Bridge scandal involved the closing of several lanes of the bridge during the busy commute hours. As a result of the lane closures, an elderly woman died at the scene because stranded paramedics could not get to her in the traffic entanglement. The Christie Administration has been blamed for the lane closures because of an email sent out by Christie aide Bridget Kelly stating that it was "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee." Kelly, who later lied to Christie about her involvement in the matter and was fired, allegedly sent out the email as retribution against Fort Lee's Mayor Mark Sokolich (D) for not supporting Christie in his gubernatorial reelection campaign in 2013. Allegations against Governor Christie and his administration have been mounting ever since the lane closure incident on September 9, 2013.

Christie told the man at the town hall meeting that the fact that he fired the woman for lying to him should not be misread because he would have fired for her actions even if "she had told the truth." However, when asked about the illegality of what Kelly had done, Christie would not go that far. Christie stated:

“First of all, you’re again saying something that I’m not willing to say at this point. Because I’m not willing to prejudge what a prosecutor is going to do. It’s inappropriate for me to do that. You as a citizen can clearly come to the conclusion it’s an illegal act and it may turn out to have been one.”

The conversation between Christie and the man became more light-hearted when the man offered to drink beer with the Governor on Saturdays and do his laundry for him, to which Christie replied, “You wanna get married?”