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Chris Christie is Cleared of Wrongdoing says Chris Christie

Chris Christie
Chris Christie
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Okay, truth to be told, it was his legal team investigating the so-called Bridgegate scandal that arrived at that not so shocking conclusion

Wow, thanks for the impartial insight, Christie folks.

First of all, yeah right. And the George Washington Bridge is still for sale. Bring cash.

Even if you shave off massive IQ points, drink the NJ Kool-Aid and are angling for a lucrative position in the Christie administration, it is hard to accept the Governor did not know about, coordinate or plan this “traffic study.”

But even if he was truly that incompetent and removed from his top staff and childhood friends, his actions in the wake of the situation were inexcusable. (Can't find a lightswitch fella?)

He joked about it. And he did not follow-up until there was citizen and media outrage.

Aren’t the affected commuters and town residents also Christie’s constituents?

And moving on, let’s look at the massive web of corruption in the state under his aegis.

But before we say good-bye to Fort Lee, traffic cones and a callous disregard for safety, let’s have an independent group investigate this matter.

Not just the Governor’s legal team.

Prediction, CC will not go to prison but will be forced from office before his tenure is over. Just an educated guess.

As for those worrying about justice, there is always God and karma.

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