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Chris Christie Had a Worse Time at the Super Bowl than Peyton Manning

Chris Christie
Chris Christie
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A prediction. Chris Christie is going to jail. Whether or not he rooms with Bob McDonnell ( the former VA governor with expensive tastes) is up to serendipity.

Inre the lane closures. Did Christie know? Having worked in politics for many years, this column states unequivocally that aides do not execute such things without the explicit knowledge and aegis of the elected official.

Flashback. Scooter Libby decides to commit treason and release the name of a covert CIA operative without telling Dick Cheney. Be real. The former Veep's staff were probably hesitant to order lunch unilaterally.

But we digress.

If you believe that CC was a sad and lonely guy who was totally out of the loop about the backups at the GWB, then good news. The bridge is actually for sale. Bring cash.

Christie's real problem is the fact that he played fast and loose with federal emergency relief money.

It appears as if he viewed the funds as his own slush fund- from making commercials starring his family to paying political debts. And vetoing any oversight.

Christie is in fact a bully. His well orchestrated theater is actually him screaming at other people and passing it off as Jersey.

Um, no.

The column is from NJ. There have been mayors, mostly from the northern part of the state, who campaigned for re-election from their jail cells. To do that for the Presidency, not so effective.

Anyway, Christie has a history of corruption, lies and shall we say, a unique method of distribution of power that does not always better the lives of the citizens of the Garden State.

What separated him from other folks in the GOP - simply just raiding the pockets of the middle class to help the wealthy- was the fact that during and after Sandy, CC stepped in the help.

He pulled those affected by the super storm under his arms- figuratively- and pledged to help. Not to siphon off disaster relief monies.

Closing down bridge lanes- petty and cruel. Joking about it afterward- ditto.

Misusing federal funds- uh oh.

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