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Chris Christie faces class-action lawsuit over George Washington Bridge scandal

Chris Christie
Chris Christie

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is facing a class-action lawsuit in response to the George Washington Bridge lane closures that occurred in Sept. of 2013. In addition to Christie, his ex-aide Bridget Kelly and two of his former Port Authority officials – David Wildstein and Baroni – are being sued, as well as the Port Authority and the state of New Jersey. The number of plaintiffs in the lawsuit is unknown, but it is known that six residents of New Jersey are among them, according to Fashion Times on Saturday.

Christie's bridge to White House is still wide open

The lawsuit seeks economic damages of unknown proportions for the four-day long lane closures that caused horrific and dangerous traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge near Fort Lee, New Jersey which were allegedly enacted due for politically-motivated reasons when For Lee’s Mayor Mark Sokolich did not endorse Christie’s re-election efforts.

The class-action lawsuit was filed by Rosemarie Arnold. She asserts that the work on the lawsuit started in September of last year when the traffic jam occurred. She also claims that it was suspected that politics had something to do with the unexpected lane closures at that time – although it wasn’t able to prove that suspicion at the time.

Arnold explained how the traffic jam caused her clients to suffer, which includes panic attacks when stuck in traffic for hours with nowhere to go.

Since the news broke last Wednesday, Christie has apologized profusely to the people of New Jersey for the actions of his staff, claiming he had nothing to do with the scheme which caused the traffic jam. He fired the ex-aide, Kelly. The two former aides resigned previously – as the scandal grew at year’s end.

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