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Chris Christie - Big Fat Liar?

LOL Christie
LOL ChristiePhoto by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's political career is done. He won't be the next president, he won't be the next GOP presidential nominee, and in fact he'll be lucky if he gets to finish out his second term as governor of the Garden State.

Quick background: In September of last year, lane closures in Fort Lee, New Jersey caused several days of nightmarish traffic jams. It was later revealed that these lane closures were a form of political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee, a Democrat who declined to endorse Governor Christie during his ultimately successful reelection bid.

On January 9th of this year, Christie held a news conference to address the scandal. In it, he blamed an aide, Bridget Kelly, for the lane closures. Christie called her a liar and announced that she had been fired. He also denied any knowledge of the lane closures being used as a political weapon, claiming he was "blindsided."

But yesterday, another of Christie's aides, David Wildstein, revealed through his attorney that "evidence exists" that the governor is himself a liar, and that he knew all about the lane closures in question. Team Christie released a statement again denying that the governor had any prior knowledge of the lane closures, but pretty much everyone in the New Jersey political community is on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And if/when that other shoe drops, so will Christie's poll numbers, along with his hopes of ever taking up residence in the White House.

No wonder Romney didn't pick this guy to be his running mate.