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Okay, some caveats. Disclaimers if you will.

This column grew up 11 miles inland from the Jersey shore and spent every day of every summer at the beach.

Also, this column never, ever fell under the sway of Chris Christie, whose powers of yelling and being rude affected the media to the point of idiocy.

Nothing has changed.

He is still a bully and a thug. And his, shall we say aggressive personal style, is just the icing on top of standard GOP fare: trickle down, go after unions and the middle class, help the rich and live life to the fullest on someone else's dime.

Although feuding with teachers is an interesting twist.

Mitt Romney, who seemed to jettison anything and everything to be President refused to pick Governor Soprano as his running mate.

Let's forget everything but the election. Did Sandy relief money have to be wasted- 4 million instead of 2 million- for ads? Okay, communicate that the beach is open. But who needs the Christie clan as actors, especially just before his re-election.

Speaking of which, did Jerseyites have to schlep to the polls twice within three weeks again costing the state millions, just because Chris didn't want to be on the same ballot as Democrat Corey Booker.

The current Chief Executive of NJ won re-election by a 20 point differential. His mentor, former Governor Kean blasted through by 40 points in 1995.

Oy vey. As they say in some parts of the Garden State.

Keep tuned. This will be as exciting as the Sopranos.

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