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Chris Christie and the politics of personal destruction

The scene of the "crime" of polling better than Hillary
The scene of the "crime" of polling better than Hillary
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The phrase “politics of personal destruction” originated in a letter to Thomas Jefferson and made famous by the Clintons. Billy used it first while defending his lies to the grand jury 1998 and several times after. Hillary must have liked the ring of it because she used it on occasion to deflect criticism of the Clinton legacy.

Chris Christie now has intimate knowledge of its use and effectiveness. He started out as a goat in the national media for being a Republican and then defeating Democrat financial wiz John Corzine and taking on the unions. Many fat jokes ensued in the national media. Then things changed with Hurricane Sandy and his praise for Obama doing the only thing he is successful at, giving our tax dollars away. A photograph of Obama and Christie walking the Jersey shore hand in hand into the sunset was plaster everywhere. The Republican was now called a moderate (News speak for safely liberal) fat jokes ceased and his reelection in 2013 was not hindered by media reports of starving women, children and minorities. Then a scant three months later he was again regulated to a goat with stories of bridge lane closures and misuse of Sandy funds. Why the sudden turn around?

The answer is blowing in the winds of change, the polls to be exact. At the same time the old Arkansas mafia was gearing up to get the country ready for Hillary the polls showed a “moderate” Republican NJ Governor gaining ground.( The first responders commissioned a New York Times piece trying to deflect blame for Benghazi back unto the discredited anti-Muslim video. When much laughter ensued and the polls got worse desperate action was called for.

One of Hillary’s top advisers Michael Whouley noticed an obscure local Christie scandal of the type he was familiar with, traffic jams. ( The only difference was Whouley’s traffic jam was in the interest of voter suppression and not revenge. By January 8th the scandal reached the national media. Fat jokes were suddenly in vogue again. To ensure the polls moved in Hilary’s direction the Federal Government was enticed to investigate Christie for the 25 million in Sandy relief funds used for advertising NJ. It should only take long enough for the polls to favor Hillary since the Federal government approved the misuse of funds initially.( Since Cuomo is not leading Hillary, his use of 40 million in disaster relief for advertising will not be looked into.

It must be a tough job being a highly paid reporter or news reader. Trying to stay on the right side of the progressives while appearing to be non-partisan has got to be rough on ones scruples. Praising Chris Christie one month and then being instructed to take him down the next. The same MO (Modus Operandi) as used on both McCain and Romney. Anyone who is seen as a threat to their power and prestige must be dealt with accordingly. No amount of hypocrisy will stop them, for as Saul Alinsky preached “the end justifies the means”.