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Chris Christie and the Bridge

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There is truly only one question to ask, only one point of mystery.

Did the Governor know what his aides were doing? Raise your hand if you vote yes. (Actually this is not the query and is rhetorical in nature.)

And what a funny man he is. Ha ha ha. He deflected the issue by saying he was the guy in overalls setting up the cones.

Guv- folks working for roads and bridges- except your buddies- can't afford to eat so well. You are, shall we say, a recognizable outline.

And this is not a fat joke. This man is insatiable. He can't stop eating until his stomach is cut and stapled. He won't stop talking and lord help you if you disagree with Christie.

He was not content to simply win and win big. And not really that big folks. Following a disaster in the state and the incumbent knows all the lyrics to every Springsteen song. It was a lock from the beginning.

(By disaster, the reference is to Hurricane Sandy not Christie's horrific record.)

But the big guy wanted a tsunami of votes, spanning all demographics and both politics parties.

Some questions for the man with the unmerited accolades:

And speaking of spans, why create a traffic jam in the middle of a traffic jam?

You could have waited for a truck to break down and taken credit for that. Sit there Fort Lee commuters.

And by the by, the Mayor of Fort Lee does not have to travel into New York City and thus was insulated from your little revenge scheme.

Aren't the folks living in Fort Lee your constituents as well? Do you think people who voted for you also sat in the midst of gridlock for a couple of days?

But here is the question teased about at the beginning of the post:

Why on earth did your people leave an email trail?



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