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Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate': Is this the end?

Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate': Is this the end?
Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate': Is this the end?
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Evidence of the Internet named “Bridgegate” scandal blighting Republican New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, came to light on Wednesday, according to a Jan. 9 report in the LA Times. Documents showed Chris Christie's top aids in his office conspiring to cause traffic problems on the George Washington Bridge near Fort Lee. Whether Christie knew about the plot or was unaware of what his aids were up to behind his back, the Governor’s 2016 presidential election hopes may be dashed.

Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” wrote Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s deputy chief of staff in a text message.

Bridget Kelly was fired on Thursday for her actions in the “Bridgegate” scandal.

Multiple lanes getting onto the George Washington Bridge were closed for four consecutive days. This coincided with the first day of school for many children, and many school buses were stuck in the traffic. Additionally, a 91-year-old woman died while waiting for an ambulance that was delayed because of the traffic problems.

Democrat Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich alleges the closures were due to political retribution because he did not support Christie during his election to be Governor. Chris Christie claims he had no knowledge of any of his staff conspiring, and he felt betrayed by his aids.

I had no knowledge or involvement in this issue in its planning or its execution … [I am] stunned by the abject stupidity shown here,” Christie said in a press conference on Thursday.

Many may find that while the Governor may not have personally orchestrated this petty act, the fact his deputy chief of staff was involved with “Bridgegate” calls Christie’s ability to lead in question. Is it the role of a leader to appoint the appropriate people to high level government positions? If Chris Christie can not be trusted with this simple responsibility, can he be an effective presidential candidate?

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