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Chris Bukowski on Elise Mosca's 'crazy'; Marquel Martin on Danielle Ronco's diss

 The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise'
The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo by Jesse Grant

Two guys took quite the beating on the last episode of "Bachelor in Paradise." Chris Bukowski literally felt quite beat up after injuring his knee and then going on a date with Elise Mosca through the pain. Meanwhile, Marquel Martin was slammed by Danielle Ronco after he declined to keep her around after their date.

Unlike Marquel, Chris didn't stick around after filming the third episode. He chose to leave the competition and go home to Chicago because of his injured knee. He didn't go home alone however. After having a great time with Elise on their date, and possibly overnight date, Chris asked Elise to go to Chicago with him during the rose ceremony. Shockingly, Elise agreed, immediately having many of the show's viewers wondering what happened to them afterwards and whether they're still together.

Unfortunately for those who like a happy ending, that didn't happen for Chris and Elise. In an interview with Cupid's Pulse, posted on Tuesday, August 19, Chris revealed that Elise actually spent six days with him in Chicago after they left Tulum. They then dated for about a month but when Chris realized that she wanted more out of the relationship than he did, he broke it off. Chris explained that he wasn't sure if Elise was the right girl for him and didn't want to lead her on.

While she wasn't the right girl for him, Chris only had nice things to say about Elise in the interview. He said that despite everyone saying how crazy she is, she's actually "a nice, genuine girl" who is "very caring and will make someone very lucky one day." Chris did say that if Elise was crazy, she was "only crazy about falling in love."

After the episode aired, Elise thanked Chris for going on the date with her in an Instagram post. Clearly, Elise still thinks that Chris is a great guy.

Like Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca, Marquel Martin and Danielle Ronco don't have any hard feelings towards each other despite them not working out. In response to Danielle saying in the episode that she went through "Marq-Hell" because she was sent home, Marquel tweeted, "Marq Hell???? Lol that's too cold Daniella! Still dig your hair tho."

After Marquel acknowledged that he misspelled Danielle's name, she responded that it was "all in good fun." To this, Marquel said that it's "all good" and that he hopes that she's doing great.

Hopefully, the rest of the pairings from "Bachelor in Paradise" remain as cordial and respectful as these two former "couples." Very likely though, considering how fiery some of the people in the competition are, that won't be the case.

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