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Chris Brown sentenced to month in jail: Placed in solitary confinement

Singer Chris Brown went before a judge Monday to effect his release from jail, where he had been tossed last week after violating the strictures of his probation. The violation was his getting kicked out of the rehab facility where he was enrolled by violating their rules of behavior. And if that sounds kind of repetitive, well, it only reflects the repetitive nature of Chris Brown's bad boy behavior, not to mention the repetitive nature of the legal system's seeming unceasing willingness to allow Brown to do just about anything he wants without severe consequences. However, the latter might have seen a change, because in this court appearance, the judge apparently had had enough of the "Don't Judge Me" singer and made the judgment that he should spend a month in jail for his defiance of rules.

TMZ reported March 17 that the judge stated in his decision that Chris Brown had an "inability to stay out of trouble." The judge was also concerned about a statement made by Brown while in rehab that he was "good at using guns and knives."

According to the gossip website, the R&B singer will remain behind bars until April 23, the date of his scheduled probation hearing. The judge apparently wants to take into consideration the ruling in a Washington, D. C. case of criminal assault which will be held on April 17. A conviction in D. C. could be the deciding factor in whether or not the 24-year-old singer is found in violation of his probation on the 2009 assault charge on then girlfriend Rihanna. If so, the suspended four years (which were almost up when the alleged D. C. assault occurred) could become four years in prison.

TMZ later reported that sources tell them Brown's incarceration won't be one of ease. He will be held in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day and will only be allowed to work out in his cell and to read books. He will also only be allowed to shower once every two days.

Brown was already in jail after violating the rules of conduct at the Malibu rehab he had been ordered into by the L. A. judge. He was kicked out of said rehab on Friday and subsequently picked up by police.

Brown was booted from the rehab for breaking their three rule violation policy -- and one of the rules he broke was one designed specifically for him: He was to stay at least two feet away from all females in the facility. He was seen touching a woman's elbow and her hands. That was his first strike. Second: He refused to take a random drug test. (He later agreed and passed, but the initial refusal counted as an infraction.) Third: He complained about rehab during a group therapy session.

Although 24 years old, Chris Brown has become notorious for his -- as the judge so aptly put it -- inability to stay out of trouble. It all seemed to begin unravelling for the "Don't Think They Know" singer after his arrest for the brutal assault on Rihanna in Feb. 2009. Since then, he has reportedly engaged in numerous altercations and even fistfights. One such occurred in a recording studio parking lot with artist Frank Ocean, from which Brown fled before the police arrived, but Ocean refused to press charges.

And although there have been several instances where the possibility existed that a judge might revoke his probation, Brown has always escaped extended incarceration and/or a revocation of the four-year probation that was his sentence following the Rihanna assault.

It would appear that even the most lenient of judges have patience limits.

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