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Chris Brown released from jail this morning; like his song, he's a 'Changed Man'

Chris Brown in happier days.  Hopefully he finds his way back.
Chris Brown via his own Facebook profile

Singing and dancing sensation Chris Brown is once again a free man. Brown was released from prison at 12:01am this morning, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Moore.

Brown was convicted of beating pop star Rhianna after an argument in 2009. Pictures were released of a bruised and battered Rhianna that left no doubt that she had been savagely attacked. Rhianna told police that she had been punched and bitten. Brown served time for that beating, did community service and was out on probation.

But in March 2014, Brown found himself in hot water again after getting into an altercation with a fan in Washington, DC. This fight violated the terms of his probation and he was ordered to spend 131 days in jail. He was released early due to credit for time served and also good behavior while behind bars.

Brown went through anger management counseling for 52 weeks and promised that he would never beat a woman again during a 2013 interview with Matt Lauer. He made the surprising revelations that he had changed, Rhianna had forgiving him, and they had reconciled as a couple. Things did not work out the second time around and they have both gone their separate ways.

Time Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter did a story that revealed why Brown seems to keep getting in trouble despite his pledges that he will keep his temper under control. According to the article, Brown was suffering from previously undiagnosed mental issues.

After intense testing stemming from his latest run-ins with the law, it was determined that “Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD.” Brown is presumed to now be getting the proper treatment, and was released because, as long as he continues his treatment, he is no longer perceived to be a threat to himself nor others.

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