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Chris Brown reality show: Would show be like Lindsay Lohan’s show after rehab?

Chris Brown might get a reality show
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Chris Brown fans are surprised to hear that the entertainer is considering reality TV for a chance to make amends with the fans after his latest stint in jail. The artist is a talented singer and dancer on stage, but it appears that off stage his legal troubles have caught up with his image, According to TMZ on Friday, the BET Network is desperate to get a chance to see a Chris Brown reality show.

Will fans really watch a reality show on cleaning up a life after getting into trouble? If history is to be reviewed, the idea of this has already been tried (and failed.) Lindsay Lohan made more headlines than most celebrities her age for her legal issues. From mug shots to fashion in the courtroom everyone wanted to hear more. Then Oprah Winfrey offered Lindsay Lohan a show about her life and the process of bettering herself in front of the camera. While Lohan’s fans watched every second, mainstream America was already tired of her antics and didn't believe she was making a change in life. Instead the show seemed orchestrated.

Chris Brown might face the same issues that Lindsay Lohan faced with a reality show. According to the AZ Central on Friday, a test group in Los Angeles was offered a possibility to watch the struggles of the star. Looking to gauge the reaction of prospective viewers, roughly half said they would tune in.

Brown’s situation is far more complicated than polling a few potential viewers. The star has admitted to violence and his actions against Rihanna really has fans deciding if they will forgive him. If BET decides to go ahead with a reality show, it will be a battle cry for domestic violence groups and other social groups who are still upset about what happened during the incident widely covered when Rihanna’s photo of her battered face surfaced.

Will the BET Network really have a Chris Brown reality show? Fans are overwhelmingly weighing in and it appears the network is listening.

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