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Chris Brown reality show in the works?

Chris Brown reality show in the works?
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

On Monday, TMZ reports that BET is highly interested in a reality show featuring Chris Brown. The news comes after an amazing performance from Brown at the 2014 BET Awards. Would you tune in?

According to the source, BET has been calling media outlets to see if they would watch. The reality show will follow Chris Brown’s life after jail, as he tries to stay clean and out of trouble – something that has proven to be very difficult for the singer. While nothing is official yet, BET has reportedly contacted several production companies about their interest.

Surveys conducted on BET fans report that they are only interested to watch if Chris Brown messes up and causes drama. The majority of fans say that they will watch to see it all happen. Could this be the new “Keeping Up With Chris Brown” or “The Chris Brown Chronicles?” Participants of this survey are reportedly all African American females.

Well they want drama, they got it. Also according to TMZ, Chris Brown got super drunk after the BET Awards. “Chris Brown is now privately admitting he was falling-down drunk…not because he drank to excess – it’s because he can’t hold his liquor,” the source writes. Brown has supposedly not had a drink in over six months.

Brown will be starting in the film “Phenom” as Dre Lakes, a standout high school basketball player who goes pro after being discovered. He is the illegitimate son of the NBA’s best player. Father and son collide as their teams meet on the road to the playoffs. No release date available for the film yet.