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Chris Brown posts another emotional video on Twitter

Chris Brown recently posted yet another emotional video on his Twitter page, featuring clips of himself and Rihanna in better days.  The video is set to his song "The Way We Used to Be."  This is the second video he's posted of the couple since the singer was charged with felony assault earlier this year.  The first video was posted in September, and it features a photo montage set to a new song he wrote called "Changed Man." Looks like the singer is getting mixed responses - some fans and gossip sites are calling the vids pathetic attempts to repair his reputation, and others are actually feeling bad for the guy.  Check it out below:


  • Yellow Deer 5 years ago

    Within seconds I wanted to throw up! Flipped the switch to OFF! I've got better things to do than watch two people hang all over each other. Too bad - so sad they broke up (ha!).

  • Brown Buck 5 years ago

    they didnt just break up. she dumped his ass after he beat the poo outta her! sucks to be him...