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Chris Brown flies inmate style to trial in Washington

Chris Brown will be flying along side inmates for two weeks to his trial in Washington.
Chris Brown will be flying along side inmates for two weeks to his trial in Washington.

CNN reported on April 4 that Chris Brown was flown to Washington for his assault trial in a “Con Air” airline for prisoners. He was forced to travel as a prisoner opposed to first-class or a private jet. The 24-year-old singer was previously put in to the custody of federal marshals after his Wednesday hearing in L.A. Brown was said to be jumping planes today while on his way to his hearing in Washington. He will be “hop scotching” across the country on planes that transport inmates from prison to prison.

The trip is said to take up to two weeks between the layovers and jail stops. Chris Brown may be sporting shiny handcuffs and chains on his legs while traveling inmate style. Since Brown was kicked out of the rehab program that the court had ordered a few weeks ago, Brown has been confined solely to the L.A. County Jail. His Washington trial is being held on April 17 which will make for a long trip for Chris Brown. Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney, tried persuading the L.A. County Superior Court Judge to allow his client to fly on his own to his Washington trial. His request was opposed and it was suggested that the decision be made by a federal judge.

Chris Brown was previously kicked out of his court-ordered rehab program due to a “suggestive” statement he had made to the counselors. The statement Chris Brown wrote on a card that worried counselors was “I am good at using guns and knives.” This was not the only offense that got Brown kicked out of rehab but it did add to the cause. He had supposedly had a couple other rule violations as well. Though his lawyer denies this, it was said that Brown was refusing to take a drug test that had been court ordered and he also touched elbows with one of the female patients.

As for his 750 hours of community service, Brown has been working with a cleanup labor crew for the highway in L.A. three days a week. By the rate he was going with the community service, the requirements would have been finished by the end of the year. Due to his public service being put on hold, it is expected for Chris Brown's probation to extend well in to 2015.