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Chris Brown comes to Tiger Woods' defense

Chris Brown has urged the American public to forgive Tiger Woods for his infidelities, because the golfer "deserves a second chance."

Tiger Woods at press conference

The shamed sports star apologized for his behavior at a press conference earlier this week, admitting: "I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in."

And now Brown, who is not without a scandal in his own personal affairs was convicted of attacking girlfriend Rihanna last year, has called on the public to overlook Wood's affairs and concentrate on his golfing skills.

He tells the Mojo in the Morning radio show, "I think it's cool (that Woods apologized). I think people always deserve a second chance. I know my fans gave me a second chance."

"Whatever his personal life is, and this goes for me and him, his personal life is his personal life. Nobody has the right to place judgment on anybody else's personal life if they're not directly involved with them.

"He plays golf -- that's what people love him for. They don't love him for the other stuff they're talking about."

Woods stated in the apology that he is sorry to his fans and his family for falling into his temptations and he demanded the press to leave his wife and kids out of it.

See the apology below:



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