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Chris Brown charged with two felonies

Chris Brown

For those of you who read my last article regarding Chris Brown and Rhianna here is bit of an update.

Chris Brown appeared in court Thursday morning and  was charged with two felonies, the first being assault likely to cause great bodily injury and the other being making criminal threats. Brown's next arraignment has been postponed until April 6. While in court Rhianna was referred to as Robyn F. (the singers real name being Robyn Rhianna Fenty). It was reported that altercation began after Brown received a text message from a woman he had a previous sexual relationship with, Rhianna then read the three page message and confronted Brown. After Brown allegedly assaulted Rhianna she then made a phone call to her personal assistant telling her to call the police and have them ready by the time she gets there, Brown then replied by telling the singer "now I am really going to kill you". Whats even more shocking than this entire altercation is the fact that Rhianna is now back with the singer and has reportedly cut off all ties with her family,  changing her e-mail address and not answering any calls. Rhianna's father has said its like something or somebody has a hold on her. 

Brown and Rhianna are now in LA together where paparazzi chased them as they drove to an LA Clippers games together.  Pictures have also now been released of the Lamborghini that Brown and Rhianna were driving at the time of the alleged assault, the vehicle is stained with blood on the seats and on the lower council.


  • symone 6 years ago

    i dont feel this should have been blown out of praportion because evryone makes mastakes and i didnt here Rihanna apoligize to the public because word is she started it. Also i love chris and i will never go against him for anything because if the situation was that bad then why is does Rianna want him back?

  • Kassy 6 years ago

    Symone, i'll bet you'll still love chris brown even if he were to beat you until near death