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Chris Brown carried out of nightclub after BET Awards: The new Tupac, really?

Chris Brown was caught on camera being carried out of a nightclub after a BET Awards party in the wee hours of Monday morning. Brown, who was just released from prison after serving two months for breaking probation, performed at the BET Awards in L.A. Sunday night, according to Chron on June 30.

Chris Brown preformed at 2014 BET Awards, but later he was carried out of a nightclub as his staggering wasn't going to get him to where he wanted to go!
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

How many men did it take to carry Chris Brown out of the nightclub? Three and each had all they could do to keep Brown upright as they headed for his girlfriend’s car, Karrueche Tran.

Music Times reports that Brown’s BET evening didn’t go completely smooth, as he was dissed by Chris Rock. While that might have been discouraging, earlier in the evening he was also called “the next Tupac,” by Jermaine Dupri. It is not known how many would back that statement up because Tupac was one of a kind, but Dupri certainly thinks it is possible.

Rock’s quip was meant to be funny and not condemning it appears. When introducing Brown he said: "He just signed a new deal. Too bad it was a plea deal. Give it up for Chris Brown!" This worked more for breaking the ice for Brown, who didn’t seem to take it as an insult.

Folks not giving up a warm welcome to the rapper is indicative of the mixed reaction Brown entices from folks after his personal life blew up with the assault on Rihanna over half a decade ago. People had mixed reactions to Brown at the awards last night, but as time goes on and if he can stay out of trouble, things might get easier for the rapper.

After the BET Awards, Brown headed for the Playhouse nightclub to keep the party going. With his recent two months in jail, the rapper undoubtedly wanted to blow off some steam. He spent that time in prison for breaking the terms of his probation that were set back in 2009 for the now infamous incident of an assault on Rihanna.

Brown staggered out of the club with two men holding him up at first. Then a third man joined the others in their endeavor to navigate the rapper to the car. When the third man joined this shuffle out to the car, Brown grabbed his arm for further assistance in staying in an upright position. You can see the Chris Brown staggering shuffle in the video above!

This was minor in comparison to other incidents that occurred at other BET Award party venues. A report of a shooting outside the Supper Club is swirling around online. The club had celebs like, The Game, Meek Mill, T-Pain and Busta Rhymes inside the building. They had nothing to do with the shooting and they weren't in harm’s way.

Two BET “unofficial” pre-parties ended in blood shed with a victim suffering stab wounds at one venue and a shooting death at another. After all this violence a little staggering by Chris Brown is no big deal!

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