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Chris Brown can't handle his liquor

Chris Brown Performance
Chris Brown Performance
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

I guess the 2014 BET Awards were one heck of a party. Our invites must have got lost in our spam boxes.

As many of you have seen, infamous bad boy Chris Brown had a little bit too much to drink this past Sunday night after his performance at the 2014 BET Awards. Or maybe he had too much to drink before hand as well, though I couldn't imagine dancing that much and still keeping down your liquor. If he was able to do so, then kudos. Kudos. Followed by a well deserved golf clap.

Keep in mind this is a guy who was in rehab not too long ago, not to mention jail. These are two places that being intoxicated to the point of not being able to walk, or dance in his case, will become future destinations, sooner rather than later.

He claims he was goaded into drinking by Lil' Wayne and let's be honest, if Weazy tells you to drink, you drink! Worry about the consequences later, am I right? Though for me personally, I am much more likely to drink, if it's Lil' Jon urging me on. "Shots! Shots! Shots!"... Here is a link to the video that makes the Chris Brown felt a little peer pressure claim, poor baby...

My favorite character, other than a drunken Chris Brown, is the tall, tatted up, deadlocks sporting, white bodyguard. Someone get this guy his own reality show where he runs a group of celebrity bodyguards who protect a bunch of D-Z celebrities. I would watch that in a heartbeat. IN A HEARTBEAT!...To anyone who may try and steal my idea, at least cut me a little slice of the pie. Is that so much to ask?

If you want to see the video of Chris Brown falling down drunk, well you are in luck. Here is the link to that video...

Way to change your bad boy, partying ways. Three cheers to Chris!

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