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Chris Beal is ready to show the WORLD he is "The Real Deal" on this Fri.!

Chris Beal vs Chad Walter

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This weekend at BAMMA USA "Badbeat 12", "The Real Deal" Chris Beal makes his long awaited return to the ring LIVE around the WORLD on!

Former\ "TUF 18" alumni Beal was apart of Team Rousey and nursing a hand injury when he dropped his first fight to future winner Chris Holdsworth via submission in a very close fight before the stoppage. Though a setback like this could cause a fighter to rethink his occupation, Beal is use to overcoming adversity. Not only has he overcome cancer in his leg but he live through the shooting death of his brother. All of which has made Beal the strong fighter he is today. This Friday night, LIVE on, "The Real Deal" will start his path back to the UFC when he takes on BAMMA USA newcomer Chad Walter (3-1).

Recently we had the chance to speak with "The Real Deal" before his showdown this Saturday night from the Commerce Casino in Commerce, CA, and this is what he had to say: How is you training camp going?

Chris Beal: Training camp is going great I'm usually focus & motivated but this one has some extra fire added to it! What do you know about your oppoenent? Is there any flaws you plan to expose?

Chris Beal: I don't know to much about my opponent but my plan is just to use my speed because it's pretty hard to train for speed & I know I have power so I just need to be relaxed in that cage. I usually am & do me. For fans unfamiliar with you how would you describe your style?

Chris Beal: I like to think I have a fan friendly style I stand & bang, I wrestle, I'm slick, & I get after it. Who was your toughest fight to date?

Chris Beal: I would have to say the Chris Holdsworth fight it was tough because it was the first time I ever lost. I fought a week after I just fought. I had a broken hand & didn't have my team but I also learned a lot. I would do it all again if I had the chance. I really do believe it was one of those this lose will make you better then any win kind of fights & come March 28th I plan to show just that & work my way to the UFC where I truly belong! Who are some of the fighters you looked up to coming up?

Chris Beal: So many but these are some I look up to now Demetrious Johnson, Ronda Rousey, John Jones, Daniel Cormier, Floyd Mayweather, Victor Ortiz, & I could keep going but I'll stop there. Favorite fight of all time?

Chris Beal: I enjoy way to many to just have one. What is your goals for 2014?

Chris Beal: To keep that 0 on my official record , test myself even more & get into the UFC. BAMMA USA fighters have been known to get the call to the UFC. How many fights away do you feel you are?

Chris Beal: Depends on my performance but not to many. What can fans in attendance or watching at home on expect from you when you step in the cage?

Chris Beal: BEASTMODE baby! The flame is high so you can expect me to be intense, determined, violent & vicious. Who have you worked with to get ready for your fight?

Chris Beal: Team KNUCKLEHEADZ Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Chris Beal: God, My mom, my family, friends, my head coach Hoss, my teammates, RR, my manager Bryce, Global tracking, Tri costa & everyone who supports me "The Real Deal" Chris Beal!

MMA Fans around the WORLD can watch BAMMA USA LIVE exclusively on on March 28th! CLICK HERE for more info!

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