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ChowNow...the answer to the staff lunch

Mike Pons, General Manager for Essential Cloud
Mike Pons

Here's how it goes. One person volunteers to pass the paper menu around the office and co-workers stick on a post-it with their lunch order (including the substitutions and extras!). Another person gets on the phone to place the order. Then, a third person has the most frustrating task of figuring out each individual total and roaming the halls to collect the cash. That's an awful lot of falderal for a casual co-worker lunch in the conference room, which is why many companies are looking for restaurants who use ChowNow. Available through Essential Cloud, a division of Cox Business Services, ChowNow is an exciting and efficient powered online ordering system that works through the restaurant website, Facebook page or custom mobile app.

With the ability to make real-time menu changes, send out new marketing campaigns, and track past orders and customer locations quickly, ChowNow is fast becoming the must-have for restaurants who have both customer pick-up and delivery. Imagine everyone can place and pay for their own order but it will all arrive together for your group lunch -- you can now stop imagining and start ordering from restaurants using ChowNow in the Essential Cloud app marketplace.

"ChowNow is increasing customer satisfaction and improving restaurant operations because of the easy navigation, real-time reporting, promotional capabilities and overall speed," said Mike Pons, General Manager for Essential Cloud. "The convenient processing of orders by ChowNow is changing customer expectations." As part of Cox Business Services, Essential Cloud is an app marketplace providing multiple business solutions with the ease of a single sign-on, one-stop invoicing, and a concierge customer service.

So the next time, your office orders lunch in, look for a ChowNow restaurant and enjoy!

For more info on ChowNow and other Essential Cloud solutions, please visit:

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