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Chores teach your child value

Child learning to set the table

Establishing a routine for simple chores gives your child a sense of value. She knows she is doing something needful and useful to keep the house neat and running smoothly. Children feel our tensions and frustrations and they feel our delight and calm. Showing children how to take part in adding to the calm of a household is an important value to instill.

When he is given the responsibility of a simple household chore, it creates stability for your child. Every young child can deliver folded laundry to each bedroom and learn to fold laundry. Every child can learn to set the table. Each child can help put away groceries. As we build in the little chores for our children that make our household run more smoothly, we, too, will organize our larger chores.

One simple chore is enough to start with. Putting shoes in a special place in the closet is a small but significant beginning. Putting the school backpack in a designated place is a next good step. The routine of packing a lunch or snacks is something you can do together, until as your child grows up, he can do it himself. You will see the next thing to add once your first chores become routine.

The peace and calm of our households is very important. Keeping noise down by not turning on television or radio except to watch a special show, preferably together, adds calm. Instead of sitting your child down to watch television while you get everything ready, begin to involve her in the things that you do. Everyone pulling together is one of the best values you can teach your child.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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