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Chores can teach skills

Laundry can teach sorting
Laundry can teach sorting
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When a child has a disability especially one that affects a child’s mobility a parent may think that chores are out of the question. I would challenge that belief. On the contrary I believe that chores that can help lead to learning independent living skills in the future.

Here are some ideas:

• A child has a mobility issue, but can use the phone have them call to confirm appointments or family gatherings. They can also help parents with calendar planning by keeping a family calendar.
• Have some children sort the wash to teach them how to do it in the future (and practice sorting skills)
• If a child needs to practice their address have them write their return address on envelops that they family uses monthly.
• To practice using lists have them make the grocery list.
• Help them with money skills by going through the store’s circulars and writing down the sales of foods you plan to purchase off the grocery list.
• Putting doors in different marked bins can assist with organizational skills.
• Shoveling or cutting grass for a fee (or allowance) teaches work ethics and money management.
• If they have equipment and are able make them be in charge of cleaning it or charging it.
• If some children use a communication device tell them to program a story about the family they want to share at an upcoming family party.

Some simple planning and creativity can help out the family and teach some kids at the same time. Prepare them now for the future.

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