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Chopsticks brain eating first look at The CW's 'iZombie'

Yep, never thought chopsticks and a brain would go together
Yep, never thought chopsticks and a brain would go together
The CW

Yesterday, May 15, 2014 The CW released a first image preview of one of their new shows debuting in the fall season lineup. "iZombie" is a DC Comics (through Vertigo) owned property that tells a rather unique zombie story. The show will be headed by "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas and will feature a different protagonist then from the comics.

"iZombie" the television series will follow an office employee named Liv (Rose McIver) who adapts to her sudden change of lifestyle when she unknowingly turns into a zombie. Her goth-like appearance passes as a fashion style and allows her to live among humans. Needing to feast on brains to stay alive, she takes a job at a coroner's office. As Liv consumes more brains, she absorbs certain memories from the deceased. The original protagonist for the comic books, created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, featured a zombie of a different occupation and appearance. She was a grave digger named Gwen.

Even with the swap of main protagonists, the first look at "iZombie" looks promising. It gives fans of John Layman's comic series "Chew" something to look forward to after the collapse of a live-action adaption of that cannibalistic themed content on Showtime. Seeing Rose McIver digging into a brain with chopsticks just looks ridiculously awesome. It looks like we're in for some crazy fun this fall.