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Judge Alex Guarnaschelli of Chopped tried out the Mystery Baskets
Judge Alex Guarnaschelli of Chopped tried out the Mystery Baskets
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Tuesday night’s special episode of "Chopped" offered three of the judges the chance to take on the appetizer round of the Pros round of the show.

The judges for this episode were: Mark Murphy, Chris Santos and Scott Conant, with host, as always Ted Allen.

Competing in this round are judges; Geoffrey Zakarian, Chris Santos and Aaron Sanchez.

The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Eel, Pepihuates, Shaved Coconut and Sea Beans. Chris made Mediterranean eel salad with gazpacho vinaigrette. Geoffrey made eel chips with spicy pepihuates mayo. Aaron made eel curry soup with coconut milk & lemongrass. When time was up, they judges judged each other, and Ted even got to taste their dishes.

The next round contained: Newborn Baby Fish, Soppressata, Pasta Dough and Limoncello. Competing in this round was Amanda Freitag, Aaron Sanchez and Maneet Chauhan. Aaron made ravioli al’uova with ricotta & egg yolk. Maneet made tostada with soppressata and paneer. Amanda made baby fish and gnocchi frito.

The dessert round included: Wafer Sheets, Lemon Soda, Vanilla Pudding and a Blow Torch. Competing in this round was Alex Guarnaschelli, Scott Conant and Amanda Freitag. Alex made white chocolate wafers with scorched bell peppers. Scott made caramelized sugar with ??? Amanda made a lemon meringue tart in a wafer bowl.

The judges had fun tasting each other’s delicious treats. Surprisingly; they had a few major errors making of their dishes. They showed the world that it is not so easy to use the crazy concoctions in the mystery baskets. Considering the time they have to make these things, it can be quite a challenge, even for the judges, who are all masters of their profession.

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