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‘Chopped’ is going 'Pizza Perfect' on Food Network

Tonight's episode of "Chopped" offered four more chefs an opportunity to compete for the $10,000 and the very elusive title of a champion in this episode where the chefs were given items in the mystery boxes that are related to pizza, and each chef must make a pizza for every round in this episode titled, “Pizza Perfect.”

Ted Allen host of Chopped
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

The judges for this episode are: Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli and guest judge Bruno DiFabio, six-time gold medal winner at the pizza championship. The host, as always is Ted Allen.

Competing in this episode are all California chefs: Chef Germano Minin a chef and restaurateur from Santa Monica, Nikki Hill, chef and caterer from Los Angeles, Jimmy Wang a chef and consultant from San Gabriel, and Chef Sam Nuckols a chef de partie from Los Angeles. The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Thin Crust Pizza Dough, King Crab Legs, Malta and Vegan Pepperoni. Germano made pizza with crab meat and vegan pepperoni using shitake mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and onions. Sam made white pizzette with yogurt & Dijon sauce using Dijon mustard, yogurt and onions. Jimmy made Southeast Asian pizza soup using shallots, curry powder and turmeric powder. Nikki made tomato pizza with warm king crab and frisee salad using canned tomatoes, fresh oregano and frisee. Sam was eliminated from this round because he did not completely finish plating his food.

The entree round contained: Deep-Dish Pizza Dough, Rabbit Escabeche, Swiss Chard and Pineapple Cheese Spread. Jimmy made a sweet & sour pizza using Dijon mustard, red-wine vinegar and shallots, but he put the deep-dish crust through the stretcher, as Bruno was appalled as this action will remove the airiness from the crust. Germano made pizza with swiss chard and rabbit Escabeche using artichokes, white wine and shallots. Nikki made deep-dish potato pizza with rabbit and chard hash using baby potatoes, rosemary and thyme. The chef who was "Chopped" in this round was Jimmy, who made the biggest error by flattening the dough.

The dessert round included: Canned Crescent Dough, Pickled Apricots, Salted Caramel Sauce and Candied Mushrooms. Germano made twin sweet pizza slices using vanilla beans, milk and eggs. Nikki made pizza doughnut with mushroom compote using mascarpone, apples and butter.

The winner of the $10,000 and "Chopped" champion was Germano, who will take his family on a vacation to Italy.

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