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‘Chopped’ face the 'Short and Sweetbreads’ on Food Network

Chopped Judge Chris Santos and fellow chefs
Chopped Judge Chris Santos and fellow chefs
Photo by Aaron Davidson

Last night’s episode of "Chopped" offered four more chefs an opportunity to compete for the $10,000 and the very elusive title of a champion in this episode where the chefs were given items in the three mystery boxes in this episode titled, “Short and Sweetbreads.”

The judges for this episode were: Chris Santos, Maneet Chauhan and Geoffrey Zakarian and the host, as always is Ted Allen.

Competing in this episode are: Albert Shim, owner of Belly Bombz food truck, Meg Hall, the executive chef and owner of Made By Meg in Redondo Beach, Calif., Whitney Werner is chef/owner of Roast in Brentwood, Calif. and Jeremy Barlow chef/owner of Sloco in Nashville, Tenn.

The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Dried Beef, Eggplant Pulp, Sweetbreads and Honeycomb. Whitney made sautéed sweetbreads with eggplant pulp ragout using shallots, red wine and garlic. Albert made crispy sweetbreads with honeycomb vinaigrette using chives, shallots and rice flour. Meg made pan-fried sweetbreads with honey & eggplant sauce using butter, onion and beef stock. Jeremy made dried beef wrapped sweetbread using beef stock, onion and vinegar. The chef eliminated in this round was Meg because her sweetbreads were raw.

The entree round contained: Monkfish, Middle Eastern Cake Spice, Chestnuts and Dill Pickles. Jeremy made seared monkfish with chestnut cake using shallots, garlic and pancetta. Whitney made bacon-wrapped monkfish using butter, bacon and sherry vinegar. Albert made oil-poached monkfish with chestnut puree using milk, butter and lemon. The chef who was "Chopped" in this round was Whitney because his fish was severely overcooked.

The dessert round included: Amaretto, Butternut Squash, Mango Chutney and Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips. Jeremy made chocolate potato chip cannoli using mascarpone, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Albert made butternut squash ravioli using butter, sugar and molasses.

The winner of the $10,000 and "Chopped" champion was Jeremy, who got better in every round.

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