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‘Chopped’ experiences 'Teen Tournament: Part Two' on Food Network

Amanda Freitag a judge on Chopped
Photo by Steve Jennings

Last night's episode of "Chopped" offered four more teenagers that were born to cook an opportunity to compete for the $10,000 and the very elusive title of a champion. Faced with mystery baskets of strange ingredients, they must create something that will appeal to the judges and also show off their culinary skills and creativity in the appetizer, entree and dessert rounds.

The judges for this episode are: Geoffrey Zakarian, Amanda Freitag and Marc Murphy. The host, as always is Ted Allen.

Competing in this episode are: Dante Foggy, 17 from Burlington, N.J., Mikayla Layng, 13 from Lynbrook, N.Y., Eyan Goldman, 16 from N.Y.C. and Lucy Felong, 15 from Hightstown, N.J.

The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Jumbo Shrimp, Chunky Peanut Butter, Jalapenos and Sticky Rice. Egan made sautéed shrimp with peanut butter rick cake using sriracha, cream and chili powder. Dante made Thai curry risotto using sriracha, curry powder and cumin. Lucy made mini jalapeno poppers with grilled shrimp using olive oil, paprika and chili powder. Mikayla made sautéed shrimp with peanut butter jalapeno sauce using olive oil, oregano, thyme and rosemary. The teen who was eliminated was Mikayla whose use of spices was overwhelming to the judges.

The entree round contained: Frog Legs, Mafaldine, Bok Choy and Lobster Mushrooms. Dante made Mafaldine with seared frog legs and bok choy cream sauce using bacon, cream and white wine. Eyan made grilled frog legs with smoke element using chicken stock, olive oil and pancetta. Lucy made pan-seared frog legs with Mafaldine using olive oil, parsley and thyme. Eyan was the teen who was "Chopped" in this round because his frog legs were overcooked.

The dessert round included: Black & White Cookies, Fruit Leather Strips, Cashews and Agave Nectar. Lucy made agave nectar & fruit leather gel using pink peppercorns, raspberries and agar agar. Dante made Vietnamese spring roll with fruit leather compote using rice paper, sugar, apples and orange liqueur.

The winner of this round of "Chopped" and a teen champion who will compete in the grand finale was Dante Foggy.

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