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‘Chopped’ creates an 'All-Burger Meal!' on Food Network

Last night's episode of "Chopped" offered four more chefs an opportunity to compete for the $10,000 and the very elusive title of a champion in this episode where the chefs were given items in the three mystery boxes in this episode titled, “All-Burger Meal!” For each course, the chefs must make a burger in any way, shape or form.

Spike Mendelsohn was a guest judge on the burger episode of Chopped
Photo by Mike Coppola

The judges for this episode are: Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli and special guest chef Spike Mendelsohn. The host, as always is Ted Allen.

Competing in this episode are: Evelyn Garcia, sous chef at Kin Shop in NYC, Eli Irland, sous chef from California, Megan Logan is executive chef at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles and Afton Farnsworth, head chef at Stout Burgers & Beers in Sioux City, Calif.

The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Veal Shoulder, Bean Sprouts, Marsala Wine and Veal Tongue. Evelyn made a veal burger with habanero lime sauce using panko, radicchio and crème fraiche. Eli made veal sliders with bean sprout slaw using mushrooms, apple and provolone. Megan made veal sliders with marsala-braised onions using brie, onions and sage. Afton made veal banh mi with marsala sriracha mayonnaise using cucumber, sriracha and ciabatta. Megan was eliminated from this round because her burger was not cooked enough.

The entree round contained: Whole Brisket, Short Ribs, Pickle Juice Popsicles and Quail Eggs. Afton made a brisket pork BBQ burger using pork, sriracha and sweet potato. Eli made a double patty brisket & short rib burger using swiss cheese, cucumbers and haricots verts. Evelyn made brisket & short rib burger with quail egg aioli using turmeric, fish sauce and coconut milk. The chef who was "Chopped" in this round was Afton, who left off the quail eggs from his plate.

The dessert round included: Hamburger Buns, Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Shaved Coconut and Sesame Seeds. Eli made chocolate-peanut cluster bread pudding burger using ricotta cheese, apple and heavy cream. Evelyn made coconut ice cream and French toast burger using vanilla bean, mint and blueberries.

The winner of the $10,000 and "Chopped" burger champion was Evelyn, who owes her fighting spirit to her mother.

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