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‘Chopped’ chefs get 'Salt Pearls of Wisdom’ on Food Network

Ted Allen Host of Chopped on Food Network
Ted Allen Host of Chopped on Food Network
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for City Harvest

Last night's episode of "Chopped" offered four more chefs an opportunity to compete for the $10,000 and the very elusive title of a champion in this episode where they were given items in three mystery boxes in this episode titled, “Salt Pearls of Wisdom”

The judges for this episode were: Maneet Chauhan, Aaron Sanchez and Alex Guarnaschelli, with host, as always, Ted Allen.

Competing in this episode are: Iain Falconer, head chef at Cooper’s Mill in Tarrytown, N.Y., Clara Park, a freelance chef in Philadelphia, Steve Lohse, chef at Lavender Lake in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Jonathan Mailo, chef de cuisine at BLT Prime in New York City.

The first round appetizer mystery box contained: Head-On Shrimp, Pickled Raisins, Roasted Chickpeas and Romanesco Cauliflower. Clara made sautéed shrimp with Romanesco puree using garlic, cream and scallions. Iain made poached shrimp with Romanesco salad using vinegar, maple syrup and sriracha. Steve made head-on shrimp with chickpea puree using white wine, chicken stock and garlic. Jonathan made sautéed shrimp with Romanesco ragout using shallots, spinach and lemon. The chef eliminated from the first round was Iain who overcooked the shrimp.

The entree round contained: Baklava, Bluefish, Recaito and Salt Pearls. Jonathan made pan-seared bluefish with Romesco sauce using mushrooms, almonds and yellow peppers. Steve made bluefish and chips with remoulade sauce using mustard, capers and egg yolks. Clara made soy-glazed bluefish with pomme puree using ginger, sesame seeds and sugar. The chef who was "Chopped" in this round was Jonathan because his romesco sauce was too oily.

The dessert round included: Vodka-Infused Chocolate Milk, Persimmons, Crumpets and Cashews. Steve made crumpet cookie and persimmon compote sandwich using mint, tarragon and lemon. Clara made persimmon Napoleon with mascarpone using butter, lemon and baking soda.

The winner of the $10,000 and "Chopped" champion was Clara, who once again proved that her choice to go to culinary school was the right decision.

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