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Chopin Vodka, single ingredient vodkas

The huge world of vodka is filled with all types of brands. But how do you choose the highest quality brand that uses the best ingredients? Choose Chopin Vodka, hand distilled and using the highest quality ingredients from the farms that neighbor the distillery. Named after famed 19th century Polish Composer Frederic Chopin. Chopin Vodka’s nose and palate offer a textured expression like a Chopin symphony. Chopin produced in Podlasia, Poland, a rich farmland in Poland’s heartland that supplies the potatoes, wheat and rye that Chopin uses in its Vodka.
Chopin has recently introduced single ingredient vodkas to show off how these different ingredients make a more distinguished final product.
Chopin Wheat is crystal clear with a yeasty nose with a hint of sweetness in the background. The palate has flavors of a crusty baguette up front with sweet caramel notes on the back of the palate. Enjoy the Chopin Wheat neat, well chilled. It would also make a great Martini with a lemon twist or with fresh squeezed juices.
Chopin Rye has a slightly spicy nose. That spiciness follows the palate with a tingly mouth feel. Like all of the single ingredient vodkas only well water and yeast and the main ingredient are used to produce this line. I would serve the Chopin Rye well chilled in a cocktail glass with some fresh ground pepper served on top to show off the spiciness.
Chopin Potato has a subtle aroma of vanilla and even a hint of pineapple. The smooth palate has an earthy richness and full body with a touch of citrus on the finish. The Chopin Potato is only distilled from mid-September through the beginning of December to take advantage of late harvested potatoes with a high starch content ensuring the vodka has a full mouth feel. It takes nearly seven pounds of potatoes to make one 750ml bottle of vodka. Drink the Chopin Potato with freshly squeezed citrus and tropical juices.

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