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Choosing Your Wedding Location

Historic Cedarwood Wedding
Historic Cedarwood Wedding
Historic Cedarwood 1835 Historic House

There are many beautiful areas in Nashville for you to choose a wedding location. From the rivers in this area to the beautiful old-world estates, there are simply too many choices for one special day. One of the most beautiful venues that I have seen is by far Cedarwood. This gorgeous 1830’s antebellum farm estate will take you back in time and offers one of the most romantic backdrops in the region.

Cedarwood offers many all-inclusive wedding and reception packages that gives you everything you need for your upcoming wedding day. Included in the packages are wedding planning, event management, design and styling and even your wedding day directing. When you find that you are completely overloaded with wedding day plans, having an all-inclusive package is an excellent way to take some of the pressure off of you and allows you to focus on other things. Cedarwood provides everything that you need except for the photographer and the minister. The invitations, ceremony, wedding cake, catering and music are all included in Cedarwood’s wedding packages.

This beautiful estate offers expansive grounds that make beautiful settings for outdoor weddings as well. Indoor wedding ceremonies are available for up to 75 guests or you can host an outdoor wedding with accommodations for up to 200.
For more information on this beautiful estate and the wedding packages that are available, you can contact Linda Wright at Cedarwood by calling 615-876-9999 or visit their website at Cedarwood.
If you want a really special location for your upcoming wedding, Cedarwood offers one of the most beautiful estates and settings in the area.