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Choosing wisely when you're out of choices

The slow way forward
The slow way forward
Jeff Nemes, 2009

A good friend was recently "let go of" from a job he'd held for several years, and in which he had invested a significant amount of time and energy. The poor economy produced a struggling business, and suddenly he finds himself unemployed in an area with very little opportunity for employment. Unfortunately this has become a common story over the last couple of years. But the Bible can help you make some important choices when it seems you've run out of choices.

Choice #1: Be patient. Gal 5:22 says "The fruit of the Spirit is ... patience." A Christian is a person in whom the Spirit of Christ dwells. American culture is an instant society. There's nothing we hate worse than having to wait. But when you seem to be out of choices there is no other choice but to wait. Sometimes God has to stop a life in order to speak into that life. So if your life seems to have come to a sudden stop take time to do some life evaluation. What has God been speaking into your life? Are you doing what God has asked and is asking you to do? How long has it been since you sat quietly and simply listened for God to speak. He is the Creator of the universe, he's not concerned about his job situation, and he does say if you seek first his kingdom and his righteousness he will take care of you.

Choice #2: Cultivate your close relationships. You can always choose to invest in those who mean the most to you. Jesus says we will be known as Christians because of our love for one another. Yet we seem to often find ourselves so busy that love has become little more than a meaningless word. Take a walk with someone you care about. Play a board game with your children. Roast hotdogs with your wife and spend an evening dreaming about the future. There is nothing more significant or more spiritual that you can do.

Choice #3: Just do something! Don't sit around waiting for the unemployment check. 1 Thessalonians 4:11 says, "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands." God created people to work. Work is a good thing, whether you get paid or not. After you check out the job leads and send out the resumes, go rake a lawn, help a neighbor repair a fence, bake some bread, or start writing that novel you've been dreaming about. Just do something productive. 


  • Mary 5 years ago

    Would like to read more from this writer. So far it's really good!

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