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Choosing to live by the values of either your spiritual or fleshly nature

The first two chapters of the book of Genesis state that after God created the heavens, the earth, the plants, the birds, the sea creatures, and the animals, God specially made mankind in His own image and then breathed life into them. (Genesis 1:27, 2:7)

As God’s special creation mankind was created with not only a physical nature, but also with a spiritual nature so that God could communicate and have a special relationship with them.

God placed Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden that had many fruit trees that provided them with plenty of food. Even though they could freely eat of the fruit from most of those trees, God commanded them not to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:16-17)

Each day God enjoyed walking and talking with His special creations during the cool of the day and having a special relationship with them (this is implied in Genesis 3:8).

However, God’s adversary the serpent/Devil became very jealous of that relationship and so devised a way to ruin it. He seduced Eve into picking and eating the forbidden fruit. Then, Eve gave it to Adam, who chose to follow her disobedience rather than following God’s commandment. (Genesis 3:1-6)

Adam and Eve’s disobedience of God’s commandment had many disastrous consequences for them and their ancestors. The first of those was they lost the special relationship they had with God as His perfect and sinless creations and fell into having a sinful and rebellious physical nature and a contaminated spiritual nature that gave them a sense of inner emptiness as it wanted to come back to having a close relationship with God.

The second consequence of their fall was that they lost the special light that covered them which forced them to make clothes in order to cover their ‘private parts. (Genesis 3:7)

The third consequence of their fall was that God drove them out of the beautiful garden that was providing free food for them and told them that they would now have to work hard to grow their food. (Genesis 3:17-19, 23-24)

The fourth and most lasting consequence of Adam and Eve’s fall was that they could only pass their fallen physical and spiritual natures on to their children of each succeeding generation down through the centuries of time.

As most of Adam and Eve’s children down through the ages chose to ‘do their own thing’ and rebel against living according to God’s principles and having a close relationship with God like their spiritual nature wanted, the suppressed spiritual nature created an inner emptiness in them that they tried to fill in many different ways.

While some people followed their fallen fleshly nature and selfish ambition into acquiring various positions of power over many people and acquiring great possessions; other people tried to fill their inner emptiness through engaging in the wild experiences caused by alcoholic, drug, or illicit sexual binges.

Even though these things temporarily deadened the pain of their inner emptiness, after those things finished the pain came crashing back in, causing the people to search for bigger thrills to overcome their emptiness.

Sometimes in the midst of all that pain and emptiness some people heard God asking them to come to Him by first asking God to forgive them for breaking His laws and then asking Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior and spiritually apply His atoning work on the cross to their lives.

Although some people accepted God’s invitation to do those things, and then they felt the inner warmth of God’s Holy Spirit coming into them, making their spiritual nature come alive, and showing them how to have a close relationship with God; there were other people who rejected God’s invitation because they would rather live in the Devil’s darkness than come to God’s light-as Jesus explained in John 3:19-20. These people will suffer the effects of God’s judgments for doing that both in this life and when they physically die.

In great contrast to those people there have been a small minority of people, that since the time of Adam and Eve, who have chosen to listen to what God was telling them through their spiritual nature and lived according to God’s principles in spite of the criticism and persecution that was coming from the people living in their area who were living in the darkness of rebelling against God’s principles.

These people living according to God’s principles became God’s heroes and their stories are found in many parts of the Bible, especially in Hebrews chapter 11. There are also many of God’s modern day heroes who have chosen to follow the values of their spiritual nature and use the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to God’s principles found in the Bible as they go through their daily activities in our modern society that has so many forms of spiritual, moral, and intellectual darkness in it.

Everyone continually has a choice of whether to follow the values of their spiritual nature and live by God’s principles, or to follow the values of their fallen fleshly nature and live in rebellion to God’s principles. With that choice comes the consequence of their actions.So people should carefully consider which nature they want to rule their life and behavior.

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