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Choosing to live by God's principles rather than by worldly practices

In John 15:19, Jesus tells His disciples that He chose them out of the world and that they were not of the world. Here Jesus is teaching them that even though His disciples were living in the physical world, they were not to have the mental attitude or value system that the worldly system has.

The Apostle Paul further explained this idea by commanding Christians: ”Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2 NASB)

This means that instead of letting the worldly value system push them into following its values, Christians are to have their mind and their spiritual strength renewed as they daily study God’s Word to learn His principles for living, talk to God about their problems, and use the insight and power of the Holy Spirit to both live according to God’s principles as they go through their daily activities and also to wash away the contamination that is caused by the bombardment of worldly values, fleshly temptations, and demonic deceptions that are coming from the entertainment and advertising industries.

Christians not only need to use the insight and power of the Holy Spirit to detect and wash away the contamination of worldly values that try to creep into their personal life; but they also need the insight and power of the Holy Spirit to detect and wash away any contamination that tries to creep into their spiritual life when the worldly system tries to get them to condone ideas or practices that God in Scripture has called an abomination and sinful behavior.

When this happens to Christians some alarms should go off inside of them from both their working knowledge of God’s principles and laws and from an inner message from the Holy Spirit telling the Christians that these ideas or practices are ungodly and sinful. Christians should pay close attention to those warnings and separate themselves from both doing them and condoning them in the lives of their friends and associates.

The creeping of worldly values or practices into Christian Church activities should also not be tolerated. This is especially true when it comes to the important observances of the birth, crucifixion, and the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. These observances should focus on the events happening in them and not have people’s attention diverted away by mythical creatures or by ancient Babylonian religious practices currently represented by the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, etc.

Christians should also reclaim the name of the day from Easter Sunday to Resurrection Sunday since it describes the important event that Christians celebrate.

The more that Christians rid their Christian holiday observances of all traces of worldly ideas and practices, the more that they can focus on the real meaning of the Christian holidays and the great events that happened in them.

That same principle applies to a Christian’s life—the more that they get rid of worldly ideas and practices that contradict God’s principles; the more that Christians can focus on studying and practicing God’s principles of living as they go down their journey of life and the more that their spiritual light will shine brightly through the many forms of spiritual, moral, and intellectual, darknesses that are present in our modern society.

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