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Choosing the right eyeglasses, a necessary accessory

Tina Fey
Tina Fey

Tom Ford eye glasses

For those who wear glasses, there's always the element of smart sophistication to be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect pair. An accessory worn every day, noticed by everyone, and as important to a four-eyed fashionista as a good hair style and smooth skin. 

Glasses should fit comfortably on your face, never pinching or sliding, and should be so seamless with your style that you forget they are there. Never the less, they will be noticed by others, and are part of your all inclusive look, so choose a pair that go with your personal style.  If you've got a little fashion chameleon in you, your looks bouncing from one mood to the other, classic frames in neutral colors will morph with you.  

Choosing a frame that is right for you can be difficult. Try on several styles, in wire, plastic, and wireless, ranging in size, shape, and shade, photographing yourself in each pair for your review before you finalize your decision.  You can never be too hasty when choosing the frame that will sit on your face every day for as long as you own them. Don't order your new set of four-eyes the same day as your exam. It's best to give yourself some time to think about your options and avoid hasty decisions. Review your photos as often as you need before you place your order to ensure your stylish choice is one you won't regret.

Avoiding anything in bright colors and uber-trendy design will keep you from looking dated, and when the day comes (trust me, it will, and likely in 2011) that you are totally over that height-of-fashion in 2010 style, you won't feel like you need to replace them immediately. Classic eye glasses, like any timeless accessory, will long outlive any passing fad, which can be especially important if you are planning to drop any amount of significant money on your necessary accessory. 

Once you have decided on a cool new pair, be sure to ask for the gradual lenses that go dark in the sun. You can protect your eyes, and save space in your handbag by reducing your need to one pair of frames by upgrading to gradual lenses, a choice as smart as you look in your posh new frames!

Many optometrist's offices carry a wide selection of designer glasses, and are able to order in if you don't find the right pair. Ask to see the catalog if nothing is catching your eye on the rack. Most will order in a frame you'd like to see without any obligation for you to buy. 

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