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Choosing the right bra – caring for the right bra

"Choosing the right bra!"
"Choosing the right bra!"
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Any woman of substance in the bust area will tell you that buying the right bra can often be a chore until they find just the right style, brand, and cost.

Big busted women go through a variety of uncomfortable situations when not wearing the correct fitting bra.

But there is help. If you are buying off the rack in retail, and are not satisfied with your fit, try having a one time personal fit to find the exact bra that suits you.

There are shops all across Atlanta who will professionaly fit you. One of these shops is "Intimacy" at Phipps Plaza 3500 Peachtree Road, NE in Atlanta.

Many bras will have excess under the arms, across the back, or in the cleavage line when the bra is ill fitting; as this causes the bra to push the soft tissue away from the bra rather than one that will enhance and be comfortable.

Two of the most common complaints of women are the tight band around the torso; and the straps digging into the shoulders.

C. Lazarus of “The Saving Experiment” offers a video and descriptions of the different types of bras – their multi-use straps to accommodate various types of garments – as well as the care and laundry of bras. The article also insists that buying cheaper bras is not always the least expensive way to go.

Buying a more expensive bra in the beginning (and caring for it properly), will allow it to last longer; and give a better more comfortable fit – which means women will choose to wear them longer.

Some women can buy a bra right off the shelf at a retail store and be perfectly happy with it; but others find that if they are personally fitted by a professional, they will be much happier with the product.

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