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Choosing the right belt makes cinching a snap

Kettle Black fringed belt $253
Planet Blue
Kettle Black fringed belt $253 Planet Blue

Possibly the most under appreciated, overlooked accessory, belts have their own utilitarianism to blame for the lack of credit they get in every day fashion.

Wearing a strap around your belt loops is obviously the easiest way to accessorize with a belt, but certainly doesn't qualify as a fashion forward move. Many fashionistas subscribe to the rule that if the trousers have loops, then a belt is a necessity, while others will argue that rule is long gone.

Ideal for closing that minor gap in the waistband so many of trousers trouble us with, traditional style belts are no wider or thinner than the loops. The idea behind this style of belt is practicality and function. Be mindful not to cinch the buckle too tight in an effort to make yourself look smaller, remember that if your belt loops are not around your waist, neither is your belt. The last thing you want is any extra body part spilling over the top of your belted trousers. Wearing your belt this way should be comfortable, and never cause lines or red marks on your skin.


Trend has leaned toward wide belts before, and the resurgence in the past few years has been an exciting come back for fashion! Thinning, contouring, and figure flattering, these accessories can be fun and stylish for all sizes and shapes.  

If your hips are narrow, you can get away with wearing a wide belt low slung, but for a curvier woman's body, these wide straps are better worn above the hips, at the natural waist. Here, the key is to make sure the belt fits below the ribs and above the hips. Unless you are corseting yourself, these accessories shouldn't cover your entire midsection, and should never gape at the top. There are plenty of wide belts that are contoured in shape, or fitted with elastic to avoid this very faux pas. Wearing a wide belt wrong can send the message that you are trying too hard. Effortless is a style we all strive for in our every day lives, and you'll want to use your editorial eye when shopping for the perfect wide belt for your body type. 


It goes without saying that the opposite of the wide belt would be the skinny. Also having seen it's days come and go, and come back again. In the early 1980s Madonna rocked layers of skinny belts, inspiring millions of girls to copy her rocker edgy look with cult like enthusiasm! 

Madonna wasn't the first to set a major trend with the skinny. The likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe proved that before Madonna pierced her skinny straps with steel studs, these belts were perfect for every body type. 

Worn lower on the hips invokes the youthful attitude of defiance, while cinching it at the natural waist not only adds sophisticated womanhood to every gorgeous cardigan sweater, it's also an inconspicuous way to add shape to a voluminous garment.

Skinnies are by far the most versatile choice when it comes to belts. An investment for every wardrobe, in every color. Having a selection of neutrals, metallics, and pops of colors will open up your entire wardrobe to dozens of additional options per garment! 


Fashionistas love to accessorize! We've been onto the belt scene for decades. Most of grew up doing the belt test. If a garment could be belted, it could work. If a piece of material could be fashioned into a belt, it could be stylish. 

For those fashionistas who thrive on the fun and whimsy of wearing a belt, chains are a must-have. Worn with jeans, it'll dress up any tee shirt. (even the old scrappy ones you shouldn't even be wearing in public!) Pair it with a prairie skirt for a magickal Gypsy look, or wear it with your LBD to a dinner date. Not only will it amp up your outfit, guaranteed, it'll amp up your sex appeal. All you have to do is stand back and let your confidence skyrocket. 

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