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Choosing the perfect wedding band: Eternity rings

Stylish eternity rings as wedding bands
Stylish eternity rings as wedding bands
Blue Nile, James Allen, Moissy

So much thought goes into selecting an engagement ring, there is so much to consider such as the choice of stone, metal, cut, color, clarity... and the list goes on. Once they have decided on the engagement ring, the focus shifts to finding the perfect wedding band to compliment it. There are many options out there for wedding bands starting with eternity rings.

Eternity wedding bands

Eternity rings are covered in a row of precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires and were traditionally given as anniversary rings to symbolize an eternal love. These "anniversary" rings are now becoming more popular as wedding bands. The stones on the eternity ring, compliment and bring out the sparkle of the stones on the wedding band, many brides these days opt to wear two eternity rings with their engagement band sandwiched in the middle. There are two types of eternity rings; a full eternity that has stones all around it and an half eternity. The half eternity is more comfortable as you don't have to steal with the stones on the inside of your palm, however it might turn to be constantly turned around and adjust since it may shift out of place.
The beauty of an eternity ring is that it can be worn on its own, and still has the simplicity of band and the sparkle of an engagement ring. Many modern women these days end up only wearing their wedding band after they get married, an eternity band is perfect for that! Even among eternity rings there are so many options available, with different width bands, different cuts of stones and different settings. The slideshow above displays a range of stylish eternity wedding bands.


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